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Aldan understands that every client has different needs, and that each assignment conducted is unique. What remain constant are the high standards that Aldan applies throughout the course of all assignments. We employ a systematic approach that is both comprehensive in scope - involving an in-depth investigation of a targeted group of well-qualified individuals - and swift. We recognize the urgency of our clients' requirements and we aim to meet those recruitment needs quickly and effectively. To ensure that we continuously meet and exceed our clients' expectations of the quality of our process and the candidates we present, we seek the client's feedback upon the completion of every assignment.

Throughout all phases of the search process, we also adopt utmost discretion to guarantee the confidentiality sought both by clients and potential candidates alike.

a) Phase 1 (Introduction, Scoping, Research)
  • Through a detailed initial discussion, our consultants will determine our clients' company mission, values and business objectives. In addition, the assigned consultant cum industry expert will also establish the position requirements, contribute his / her expertise and help the client to define the search objectives.
  • A detailed job description is prepared and which forms the basis of discussion with potential candidates. A search strategy / plan that is most likely to result in the identification of the most qualified candidate will also be developed.
  • Drawing on our industry knowledge, regional resources, extensive market contacts, regional database and research expertise, Aldan will identify and comb the relevant industries and companies to identify the best and most suitable candidates for our clients.
b) Phase 2 (Interview, Presentation, Follow-up)

  • Our consultants will hold face-to-face interviews with short listed candidates to assess their suitability in terms of employment background, qualifications, culture fit and motivation.
  • We will also ensure that each candidate is fully aware of the nature and demands of the position.
  • Candidates with the best possible fit are presented and a series of interviews between client and the candidates are arranged.
  • After the client interviews, we will immediately follow-up and update the client and candidates on their respective comments and expectations.
  • We will fine-tune the search and help the client assess and further shortlist the right candidates.

c) Phase 3 (Negotiation, Closure, Follow-up)
  • We will conduct the necessary confidential reference checks to confirm the candidate's competencies, personality and suitability for the position.
  • Utilising our knowledge of the market and our position as an intermediary, we will advise and assist our clients in the contract and compensation negotiation phase leading to the acceptance of the letter of offer.
  • Our involvement with the client and candidate continues after the offer is accepted. We act as a liaison between the two parties to anticipate and resolve any outstanding issues and to make the transition as smooth as possible.
  • After completing the assignment, we will maintain ongoing relationships with the client and candidate through periodic phone calls or visits.


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