Aldan Global Resources Pte Ltd

We firmly believe that people are the most valuable asset to any successful organization. We therefore recruit and retain the best people for our firm to identify, evaluate and recruit the talents available in the market for our clients.

Consultants & Researchers:-
Our search professionals comprise people who bring industry knowledge and experience through having worked in their respective fields. They are also people who have developed their contacts and experience from a recruitment background and have developed a thorough understanding of the search process. With their connections and industry expertise, our consultants can effectively and efficiently evaluate and recruit the best candidates for our clients in a timely manner.

Our consultants personally interview shortlisted candidates to determine their strengths, weaknesses, presentation skills and suitability. We rigorously assess the candidates in all required aspects to ensure that they are capable of excelling in the job responsibilities that they have been assigned for and that they are able to work and perform well with the existing team.

In situations where our clients prefer alternative channels of recruitment advertising, our selection service can help our clients manage the high volume of applications received. Using our well-developed methodology, we add value to our clients through our detailed screening and interviewing process and thus saving our clients valuable time and resources.


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